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Cottage Grove Sentinel Covers East Lane Commissioner Appointment Process

March 29, 2017News Clip"Lane County Commissioner Faye Stewart announced his resignation on Tuesday, March 21. Six days prior, Lane County resident Kevin Matthews announced his intention to run for the seat in 2018."

And Pete Petty comments, "I suggest 'friends' contact the current commissioners, suggesting that as the runner up in the last election, Kevin is entitled to fill the slot.  Futhermore, Faye Stewart should do the right thing and endorse Kevin as hs replacement.

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Conservation Victory in the Most Urban Basin of the Willamette River Headwaters!

January 31, 2015News ClipAmazon Headwaters Keystone successfully protected after 15 years of community efforts

Congratulations, Lane County citizens!


After more than 15 years of concerted community advocacy, we've finally succeeded in protecting the key connecting piece between the Amazon Greenway that runs through town in Eugene, and the Amazon Creek Headwaters rising high on the flanks of Spencer Butte.


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Speak up against City of Eugene plan to push rural residents off their land by UGB expansion

January 20, 2015News Clip

On Tuesday, January 20, 2015 at at 7:30pm, come on down if you can, to Harris Hall in the Lane County building, to tell the Eugene City Council if you're for or against the needless, hugely expensive, and destructive UGB expansions planned for Russell Creek near LCC, off Bailey Hill Road in southwest Eugene, and in the farmland by Clear Lake Road and the Eugene airport.

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Write in Matthews in East Lane vote

October 17, 2014News ClipLetter to the Editor by Mora Dewey Fields in The Register Guard

The East Lane District county commissioner’s primary election race in May was won by nine votes. With only 33 percent of registered voters casting ballots, fewer than 17 percent of the district’s voters re-elected Faye Stewart to the seat. More than 16 percent voted for someone else — most of them for Kevin Matthews.

If Stewart had received nine fewer votes, Matthews’ name would also be on the Nov. 4 general election ballot.

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Kevin Matthews - Voters' Pamphlet Statement

October 8, 2014News ClipOfficial text of the State of Oregon voters' guide statement for Kevin Matthews for the May 20, 2014 primary election

County Commissioner, Lane County, East Lane, Position 5

Kevin Matthews


Occupation:  Publisher, ArchitectureWeek; Owner, Artifice, Inc.

Occupational Background:  Ranch Hand, Blacksmith, Educator, Small Business Owner

Educational Background:  Master of Architecture; BA, Environmental Studies

Prior Governmental Experience:  Environmental Policy Consultant, Lane County. BLM Eugene District Secure Rural Schools RAC.

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