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Write in? Right on!

September 15, 2014News Clip

We can still vote for common sense and positive change in Lane County government this November.

Despite receiving only 45% of votes tallied in the East Lane district for the May primary - and then, only supported by 17% of registered voters in the district - by just nine votes, Faye Stewart will be the only name pre-printed on our November ballot for East Lane County Commissioner.

But you can still express yourself! 

Let the incumbents know how you feel:

Write in "Kevin Matthews" for Lane County Commissioner for November, 2014.

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Final Results for May 20 Primary - Stewart by 9

June 19, 2014News Clip

I've called Faye Stewart and congratulated him on his victory in a hard-fought race. He graciously allowed it had been challenging at times, and that I had put some serious pressure on. I said I appreciate the times when he and I have managed to both get on the same page on an issue, because that often means we have found a real win-win for the community. And Faye agreed.

The final tally from Lane County Elections puts Stewart nine votes from going to a runoff against me in November.

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Seven Votes

June 7, 2014News ClipStay tuned for next steps!

Over the last year, our unprecedented broad coalition of community old-timers and newcomers, retirees and working families, sportsmen and animal lovers, small business and woodlot owners, progressive Democrats, and more has shown big timber, sand and gravel buccaneers, and the Koch brothers that working together, we're a force to be reckoned with.

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Too Close to Call!

May 21, 2014News Clip

Thank you so much to everyone who voted for Kevin, and to all of the so many who have helped an amazing community-based campaign, fighting clean against the big outside money.

With the margin to a runoff down to 33 votes in the 12:30am voting results... out of 13,441 votes counted so far in the East Lane County race... Every single one really does count!

With an undisclosed number of ballots still to be tallied today at Lane County Elections in Eugene, this race remains too close to call.

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Happy Election Day Today in Lane County!

May 20, 2014News ClipMake your vote count!

Ballots have to be handed in by 8PM today, May 20, 2014.

If you can help Kevin, we have volunteer Get Out the Vote (GOTV) canvasses launching all day today, from 9am to 7pm, going out countywide from the Pantry & Pub at 1810 Chambers in the Churchill neighborhood.


And call us any time! 


Kevin, 541-514-4766

Matt, 541-515-3819

Cristina, 541-913-4445


Lane Count ballot drop box locations:


Across Lane County

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